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Home of the world famous Foot Furnace and our brand new innovation taking the world by storm the No-Wee-Jock.

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Invented in New Zealand, Sold Worldwide.

Inventor Ross Burrows from Mangawhai New Zealand suffered from cold feet as soon as the temperature dropped in Autumn until it rose in the Spring. Ross tried every conceivable type of blended yarns including Merino, Angora, Alpaca, Possum in sock form, to name a few.
He also tried out microwave heated wheat bags and hot water bottles however it was only a matter of time before all items ran out of heat through either transpiration with the fiber woven socks or natural heat dissipation in the wheat bags and hot water bottles.

It came to his attention that if he wrapped his feet in a sleeping bag filled with duck down feathers this would keep his feet warm as sleeping bags keep bodies warm in near arctic conditions so why not design a sleeping bag just for the feet, hence the name FOOT FURNACE.

Customer REviews

I have never in my life been more delighted with a product..after years of chilly feet, trying heating pads and socks under the covers, these came yesterday and my world changed.

Gypsyjoe DiPasquale

I get icy feet in the winter, and NOTHING will warm them up: not blankets, not rubbing, not wooly socks...unless I put a heat source right on them, or go soak them in a hot water bath, I'll never get to sleep. After one recent chilly and sleepless night camping, I decided to get a pair of these...and so far, they're working perfectly

B. Dace

Toasty!!! They work GREAT!!! And the "slippery" fabric makes them slide easily between the sheets so I barely know they're on! Great buy, well worth it.

Dionne Petitpas

My toes are always cold in the winter time, and these have worked great! I wear with socks, because they're the fabric is nylon and tends to feel cool.

Janet R.

Bought these as a gift for my husband, and he just loves them. He wears them in bed when his feet are cold.

Carol Monteverde

I am upgrading these foot furnaces from four to five stars. Now that the nights are cold and I have been able to try them out in bed, I am more impressed with them. 


I suffer with Reynaud's Syndrome. I wear these a lot in my office because I'm at my desk for long periods of time. I haven't had a flare up while wearing the furnace slippers. My feet also haven't been cold either.


These are really neat! I use a foot warmer each night because my feet stay so cold, so, I was very excited to give these a try.


I love the idea of these slippers. They're like little sleeping bags for your feet. The Velcro straps allow you to adjust them to your feet. If you wore sox before putting these on, you'd be prepared for Siberia.

Deborah Halter