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I have never in my life been more delighted with a product..after years of chilly feet, trying heating pads and socks under the covers, these came yesterday and my world changed. I slept like a baby with comfort all night! Truly, if you have cold feet you must try these slippers, easy on and off and after a few minutes of wearing them you are not even aware of anything on your feet..perfect comfort..bless the genius that created this wonderful idea..so thankful..

My husband has suffered from neuropathy for years. He has worn 2 pairs of wool socks to bed...summer and winter. These slippers are remarkable! They are easy to put on and so warm! No more hard to put on socks to bed. Ingenious idea! Thanks from the bottom of our hearts!!

My husband got me a pair of these for Christmas and I love them. I have a regular pair of clog slippers to wear around the house but my feet get cold when I take them off to go to bed--so cold it keeps me from being able to fall asleep. I've always hated wearing even socks under the covers because they tug and feel restrictive. These slippers are perfect for under bed covers because they have a slick surface that slides under the covers so you get that great feeling of bare feet freedom. They are large but that just makes them more comfortable to sleep in. They're not meant for walking around in so be careful as the bottoms are slick. I would love to see these in more colors.

My husband is a diabetic These are used to keep warm while he sleeps. They are one size, but the strap makes them adjustable. He does not ear them with shoes, except house shoes in the house.

My toes are always cold in the winter time, and these have worked great! I wear with socks, because they're the fabric is nylon and tends to feel cool.

Bought these as a gift for my husband, and he just loves them. He wears them in bed when his feet are cold.

I get icy feet in the winter, and NOTHING will warm them up: not blankets, not rubbing, not wooly socks...unless I put a heat source right on them, or go soak them in a hot water bath, I'll never get to sleep. After one recent chilly and sleepless night camping, I decided to get a pair of these...and so far, they're working perfectly. Now, granted...it's currently June; I plan to update my review in the dead of winter, when I'll know for sure how well they do the trick, but wearing them now my feet warm up rapidly...and I have high hopes that this winter I'll no longer have to remember to fill up the hot water bottle every night!

I am upgrading these foot furnaces from four to five stars. Now that the nights are cold and I have been able to try them out in bed, I am more impressed with them. I was afraid my feet would overheat in them as sometimes happens with socks. That has not been a problem, and when I wake up in the middle of the night and find that my feet are warm enough and I don't need the slippers, it is much easier to slip them off then it is to remove socks. I just keep these "slippers" at the foot of my bed under the sheets so they are handy for those times when I get into bed and realize that my feet are too cold to let me fall asleep. Because they don't cause me feet to sweat (and I only wear them for a few hours at a time), they don't pick up any bad odors and don't need to be washed often.

I suffer with Reynaud's Syndrome. My blood vessels in my ankles have spasms and the only way to stop it is with heat. It's really painful and worsens tremendously in the winter. I never heard of the Foot Furnace Bed Slipper from Roscos Comfort. The idea seemed very legit to me. Basically these slippers are sleeping bags for your feet. There is no sole so these are not meant for walking. I wear these a lot in my office because I'm at my desk for long periods of time. I haven't had a flare up while wearing the furnace slippers. My feet also haven't been cold either. It is June and I'm in south Louisiana but I tend to have cold feet. I'll definitely continue to wear these into the winter.

I wear a 9.5 in a women's US shoe. There are still tons of room left in these slippers so a man with a US show size larger than an 8.5 can wear these. I definitely recommend these slippers if you suffer from Reynaud's Syndrome or have cold feet often. The storage bag is great. I received these slippers for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

I love the idea of these slippers. They're like little sleeping bags for your feet. The Velcro straps allow you to adjust them to your feet. If you wore sox before putting these on, you'd be prepared for Siberia.

Toasty!!! They work GREAT!!! And the "slippery" fabric makes them slide easily between the sheets so I barely know they're on! Great buy, well worth it.