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No Wee Jock - For Urinary Incontinence

No Wee Jock - For Urinary Incontinence

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Story of “NO WEE JOCK”

Hello, I’m Ross Burrows the inventor of NO WEE JOCK. Like so many men today, I had prostate cancer that was treated with a radical prostatectomy. Although the operation was successful, the aftermath turned out to be even worse than the surgery. I’m talking urinary incontinence.

During the first few months of recovery, I had a real problem that required me to wear bulky incontinence pants. Then, after a period of time, I progressed to bulky pads that had to be stuck down the front of my jocks (underwear). Although these were effective for the amount of urine discharged at that stage, they were both bulky and uncomfortable.

Over time, as the leakage slowed to just a few mils (1 to 2 tsp), I found the original pads to be over-engineered and too bulky for the amount of urine passed.

I wanted to solve this problem with a smaller but equally effective collection pad. Thinking back to my rugby days, we used to wear jock straps or athletic supporters that were V-shaped fabric supported by an elastic waistband and two elastic straps running around the top of each leg close to the buttocks and back to the bottom of the V fabric. The idea being to support the testicles and penis while running around.

It occurred to me that if we could use this jock strap model, and make the fabric highly absorbent, we could do away with the cumbersome pads and just wear the light, less noticeable, and less-restrictive “jock strap”.

And we named it NO WEE JOCK

The NO WEE JOCK has been tested in continual wear with complete confidence for up to 8 hours, and can be comfortably worn with both boxers and briefs.

NO WEE JOCKs come in a small, easy-carry nylon bag with 3 units to the bag so you can take them with you, and never again get caught in an embarrassing situation. For greater comfort and security, try these and let us know what you think.